Ania McDonnell

Policy Analyst

As a policy analyst for Flaherty & Hood, Ania McDonnell provides city clients modeling on property taxes and Local Government Aid. She also conducts research and analysis of legislative policies that impact clients.

Prior to joining Flaherty & Hood in 2020, Ania worked for the Environment and Energy Department at Hennepin County in policy communications. In this role, she articulated policies to businesses and wrote policy analysis on the requirements related to county ordinances. Ania has also worked for the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners and for Metro Cities, an association which lobbies on local government issues such as transportation, housing, wastewater and taxes.

Ania is a candidate for a Master of Public Policy from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, specializing in gender policy and urban and regional planning. While studying at the Humphrey School, Ania researched gender and transportation issues, presenting research on gender and connected autonomous vehicles at an international conference in 2019. Ania earned her bachelor’s degree from Hamline University.


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