Policy Analyst

As a policy analyst for Flaherty & Hood, Jeff Bello provides modeling on property taxes and Local Government Aid. He also conducts research, analysis, and data visualizations to help clients and policymakers better understand legislative proposals and issues that impact Greater Minnesota.

Whether toiling over spreadsheets, creating charts and graphs, or putting together Power Point presentations, Jeff enjoys working with all types of data to tell a story and create stunning visuals to help clients better convey their needs and make their case to legislators and other policymakers. He brings a passion for advocating for Greater Minnesota communities at the State Capitol.

Prior to joining Flaherty & Hood in 2023, he worked in local and state government in Colorado. He has significant experience working in bilingual education schools and has also served as a Peace Corp Volunteer in Romania.

Jeff grew up in Belvidere, Illinois where he spent summer traveling across the Midwest and now lives in Minneapolis. When he is not busy developing successful policy analyses on legislation for our clients, Jeff enjoys traveling, Alamo Draft House, cooking, bicycling, and visiting local restaurants.

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