Legal Analyst

Karina Patino joined the team at Flaherty & Hood in 2015. As a legal analyst, she compiles, reviews, researches, and develops analysis in the areas of job classification and compensation, labor law, and employment law for public sector clients. Specifically, she provides the following services:

  • Job Analysis: Reviewing job classification systems, conducting incumbent and supervisor interviews, preparing and analyzing job questionnaires, observing jobs, drafting job descriptions, and determining FLSA status and ADA requirements
  • Job Evaluation: Preparing comparisons of jobs to determine the appropriate pay rate and job worth, and establishing comparisons using internal and external methods
  • Compensation: Identifying market entities and sources utilizing statistical analysis; conducting market surveys and analyzing market data; drafting classification and compensation systems; establishing pay structures and compensation packages; providing training and user-friendly electronic documents to implement, maintain and update job descriptions, job evaluation, and compensation; giving presentations to city councils, management, employees, and union groups virtually or in-person
  • Pay Equity: Reviewing, analyzing, and recommending changes to ensure legal compliance; preparing pay equity reports for the state; advising on contested matters involving legal compliance
  • Organizational: Provide direction and alignment of the city as a whole, individual departments, employees and services they provide; work flow processes and organizational structure; workforce staffing, productivity and retention; workplace environment

Karina enjoys working with a firm where everyone shares the same vision and dedication for our clients. She also enjoys performing the problem-solving that comes along with creating competitive pay structures and detailed job analyses.

When she is not busy analyzing jobs and developing internally equitable, competitive, and cost-effective job classification and compensation systems for our clients, Karina enjoys volunteering at Minnesota’s largest Latino-led nonprofit organization and participating in competitive weightlifting.

Karina G. Patino Legal Analyst