Compensation & HR Analyst

Since joining Flaherty & Hood in 2022, Ethan Rundquist has been pivotal in analyzing data and providing specialized compensation consultancy to local governments. His deep understanding of pay structures ensures they align with Minnesota pay equity laws. The responsibilities and expertise of his role span several key areas, including:

  • Compensation Strategy Development — Crafting and recommending compensation strategies that support organizational objectives, talent retention, and acquisition.
  • Competitive Market Analysis — Conducting comprehensive market research to ensure that compensation packages are competitive to attract and retain top talent.
  • Data Analysis — Utilizing data-driven insights to identify potential discrepancies in compensation and ensure equitability across roles.
  • Job Evaluation and Analysis — Evaluating and analyzing jobs, ensuring they are appropriately classified and compensated.
  • Organizational Structure Analysis — Assessing the organizational hierarchy and operational model to ensure compensation strategies align with the structure and promote operational efficiency.
  • HR Collaboration — Partnering with HR departments to seamlessly integrate compensation strategies into broader HR initiatives.
  • Legal Compliance — Ensuring all compensation plans meet organizational objectives and strictly adhere to labor legislation and industry best practices.
  • Continuous Improvement — Staying updated with industry trends and regularly suggesting enhancements to compensation plans to align with evolving market trends and organizational objectives.
  • Cost Analysis — Conducting detailed financial assessments to calculate the cost of implementing compensation strategies, ensuring they align with budgetary constraints and organizational financial goals.

Previously, Ethan also took part in the REIF Economic Research Project, which involved collecting data from business confidence surveys in Duluth. The data was then compiled and analyzed, contributing to discussions at regional economic forums.

Outside of his professional realm, Ethan—originally from Rush City and now residing in St. Paul—finds joy in activities ranging from frisbee golf and sports to the strategic nuances of chess. When at home, he often spends quality time playing with his cat, Greg, adding a touch of feline fun to his day.