Data Analyst

Ethan Rundquist joined the team at Flaherty & Hood in 2022. As a data specialist in classification, compensation, and organization services he conducts job analysis, job evaluation, compensation, pay equity, and organizational study.

Prior to joining Flaherty & Hood in 2022 Ethan worked as a records management specialist where he entered data and prepared documents, spreadsheets, reports and other materials, updated indexes and file data for legal and official documents, and set up, optimized and enforced consistent document management policies.

Ethan also worked on the REIF Economic Research Project where he collected information from business confidence surveys of businesses in the Duluth community, compiled data in Excel for REIF/regional economic forum, presented the results via PowerPoint presentation.

Ethan is passionate about using his analytical skills and data diligence to assist Flaherty & Hood in helping clients with their classification, compensation, and organization.

Ethan grew up in Rush City but now lives in St. Louis Park. When he is not busy working with the data for the firm, he can be found skipping leg day at the local gym, frisbee golfing, playing sports, chess, or watching TV with his girlfriend Molly, two cats: Greg and Gracie, ferret Zoey, and gecko D.J. Salmonella.

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