Associate Attorney

Gretel Lee has been an associate attorney with Flaherty & Hood since 2018. She devotes her practice to environmental law and regulations that impact Minnesota communities and advocates on these issues at the state and federal levels.

Originally from Duluth, Minn., Gretel was immersed in environmental issues during her formative years. This helped create for her a critical understanding of the delicate balance to be achieved between livelihoods and commerce generated by the use of natural resources, and the implications of using these resources in responsible, sustainable, and affordable ways. She specializes in clean water and hazardous waste issues and leads the firm’s advocacy work in emerging contaminant issues like per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Public interest and representation were key reasons Gretel pursued a career in law. Throughout law school, she worked in a variety of public interest and public representation positions, including in Ramsey and Carlton counties and at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Prior to joining Flaherty & Hood, she was the Legal Fellow for the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, a position funded by the Robina Institute.

In her spare time, Gretel enjoys hiking with her dogs, reading and freelance writing, studying presidential history, collecting records, and supporting Minnesota sports teams, especially the Minnesota Twins. She lives in St. Paul with her husband Kyle and their pets.

Gretel L. Lee Associate Attorney