On behalf of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC), Flaherty & Hood staff organized candidate forums for open and competitive legislative races throughout Greater Minnesota. Partnering with CGMC member cities, these forums provided a venue for candidates to learn about the priorities of rural cities and for the public to hear the candidate’s positions on these issues. Flaherty & Hood lobbyists staffed the events and delivered overview presentations on the topics that would be discussed at the forum: local government aid, property taxes, the state budget, and economic development. A local moderator delivered the questions to the candidates, who all received background materials on the forum topics. Candidate forums were held in the following cities: Moorhead, Willmar, Hinckley, Windom, Owatonna, Morris, and Redwood Falls. These events were a great success– generating significant positive media coverage for the CGMC and educating the candidates on important Greater Minnesota issues.