On behalf of the Minnesota Environmental Science and Economic Review Board (MESERB), Flaherty & Hood’s environmental law team of Daniel Marx and Gretel Lee led a free workshop to help municipal wastewater professionals and city leaders better understand Minnesota’s wastewater permitting process and proactively address key issues that could impact municipal permits in the near future.

More than 100 public works directors, wastewater operators and other city officials from across the state attended the workshop, titled “Wastewater Permitting: Solutions to Address Chloride & Other Salty Parameters,” on Sept. 27 in Hutchinson. At the event, attorneys Marx and Lee outlined the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s (MPCA) permitting process and give tips on the key questions that wastewater professionals should ask and steps they should take when renewing their municipal wastewater permits. They also provided valuable information on new MPCA permit limits related to chloride and/or other salty parameters and ways in which cities and water districts can address these limits.

The workshop was hosted by MESERB, a Flaherty & Hood client, to help raise awareness of new issues that are impacting municipal wastewater permits and encourage other cities to become members of the MESERB organization.