Flaherty & Hood senior lobbyist Scott McMahon was a guest on the April 14 edition of the Center for Rural Policy and Development’s (CRPD) “Center of Everywhere” podcast.

McMahon, who also serves as executive director of the Greater Minnesota Partnership (an F&H client), was invited to participate in the podcast to share his insights heading into the final weeks of Minnesota’s legislative session. In a conversation with CRPD President and CEO Julie Tesch, McMahon discusses how things have changed and priorities have shifted at the Legislature since he was featured on the podcast at the start of the legislative session in January. Over that time, the state‚Äôs budget forecast shifted from a $1.2 billion deficit to a $1.6 billion surplus, and the state received more than $500 million for child care investments and more than $2.5 billion for other strategic investments from the federal American Rescue Plan.

You can listen to the April 14 podcast here or go back and listen to the session preview from Jan. 6 here.