The team at Flaherty & Hood has long recognized that a successful advocacy program requires more than just boots on the ground at the Capitol. It also requires a strong public relations and media program to help inform the public and shape the discussion. A case in point was the work done this summer on behalf of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC).

With a statewide media tour in June, a press conference to support the roll-out of CGMC’s state budget simulator and editorials in newspapers across the state, CGMC was successful in making Local Government Aid a substantive and informed part of the gubernatorial debate. With a slew of new legislators and a new governor, a focused strategic communications program will be more important than ever in getting your message heard by the legislature and public. Whether it is through the local paper or the statewide Capitol press corps, we can help execute editorial visits, press conferences, press releases, guest columns and quick reaction to events. We can also help train your spokespeople so they are ready to go when it is time to get your message out.