The attorneys and analysts at Flaherty & Hood, P.A. are here to help public employers navigate the complex and evolving issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

To address these issues, which will transform the workplace even after COVID-19’s direct impacts subside, public employers must review and take action with their policies and procedures, communications, controls and operations, and budgets. For a checklist of practical steps public employers can take, we encourage you to read Flaherty & Hood’s:

Transforming Workplaces for a COVID-19 World and Beyond

As employers navigate these challenging times, they can turn to Flaherty & Hood’s labor and employment experts to provide analytical advice, practical tools, and zealous representation. Our team can help with:

  • Updates to personnel policies and procedures; labor contracts; and job classifications, descriptions, and compensation
  • Advice on applying new laws and orders and implementing organizational and cost-saving measures with the workforce and unions
  • Training for your supervisors and managers on managing employee performance and fitness-for-duty, administering new guidelines and operations, and conflict with employees or unions
  • Representation in labor and employment negotiations, mediations, and contested cases

Contact the labor and employment attorneys and analyst at Flaherty & Hood for consultation or representation on any labor, employment, or human resources issue facing you as a public employer.