In an effort to push gubernatorial candidates to release detailed plans to close the state’s $5.8 billion deficit, the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC) has created an online tool that empowers everyday Minnesotans with the means to create their own budget solutions. Produced by Flaherty & Hood senior policy analyst Steve Peterson, exhaustively recreates the entire state budget and allows users the ability to cut spending on programs they feel are over-funded and increase spending on programs they value. Users can also choose to increase specific taxes in order to generate new revenues.

In addition to helping users work through the state budget, the also provides valuable information about different state-funded programs. Users are encouraged to read these program descriptions carefully so that budget decisions are fully informed. CGMC launched the site earlier this week during a press conference with Glencoe Mayor Randy Wilson and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, who both made the case that if average Minnesotans can make a detailed, dollar-for-dollar budget solution, candidates for governor should be able to as well.