Tim Flaherty’s long and successful career spent helping Greater Minnesota communities is the focus of a recent article recently published in Forum Communications newspapers across the state.

Flaherty, the founder of Flaherty & Hood, retired this May after more than 40 years as an attorney and lobbyist. The majority of his career has been devoted to lobbying at the Minnesota Legislature on behalf of rural cities. For more than 30 years he served as executive director of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC), advocating for important issues such as Local Government Aid, infrastructure funding, fair annexation laws, reasonable and scientifically based environmental regulations, and economic development programs that help foster business growth. Flaherty’s efforts were instrumental in protecting the LGA program and creating other state initiatives that benefit Greater Minnesota communities.

Although Flaherty has opted to retire, the CGMC remains in good hands. After stepping down as executive director two years ago, Flaherty turned the reins over to Flaherty & Hood shareholder attorney and lobbyist Bradley Peterson, who along with other Flaherty & Hood staff members continues the strong tradition of fighting for Greater Minnesota cities at the Legislature.

In addition to the article, you can read more of Flaherty’s musings and observations on his career and experiences working at the Capitol here.