For many cities in Greater Minnesota, a shortage of housing has become a serious impediment to economic and community growth. Without more housing options, cities struggle to attract new residents and businesses.

In September, members of the Flaherty & Hood legislative team led meetings — which were co-hosted by two F&H clients, Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC) and Greater Minnesota Partnership (GMNP) — to delve deeper into the housing concerns facing Greater Minnesota communities. Nearly 40 city, business and housing leaders attended the meetings on Sept. 24 in Austin and Sept. 27 in Fergus Falls, where they shared their experiences and understanding of how the housing market is functioning and impacting their communities’ ability to expand economically.

Flaherty & Hood staff also conducted a survey on behalf of the CGMC and GMNP in which they solicited additional feedback from city and business leaders about housing concerns, challenges and needs in their communities.

The information gleaned from the meetings and survey results will be used by the CGMC and GMNP to help formulate the organizations’ legislative goals and strategies on housing issues for the upcoming 2020 legislative session and into the future.

F&H legislative team members who are working on housing issues include Bradley Peterson, Dan Dorman, Scott McMahon, Julie Liew and Justin Stofferahn.