Flaherty & Hood played a major role in the creation of the Greater Minnesota Partnership (GMNP), a new non-profit organization that brings together businesses, economic development organizations, local governments and non-profits to promote and advocate for economic prosperity in Greater Minnesota.

Under the leadership of Flaherty & Hood, the GMNP originated as a task force of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities in 2012. Due to a growing interest in its programs and the desire to branch out to additional stakeholders, the GMNP was established as a separate nonprofit corporation in 2013.

Dan Dorman, a small-business owner and former state legislator and director of the Albert Lea Economic Development Authority, was hired by Flaherty & Hood to serve as executive director of the GMNP. In addition, Flaherty & Hood lobbyist Mike Miller continues to focus on economic development issues the senior lobbyist for the GMNP.

UPDATE on May 1, 2014: As a result of recruitment efforts by Dorman and Miller, the GMNP has grown to almost 80 members in just a few months. Members include businesses, chambers of commerce, EDAs, educational institutions and other non-profits from throughout the state. Its top priorities for the 2014 legislative session include broadband expansion, job training initiatives and funding for infrastructure to help business growth and expansion.

To learn more about the GMNP, including its policy positions and recent activities, please visit gmnp.org.