Throughout the summer and fall, Glen Fladeboe and Bradley Peterson have been traveling around Greater Minnesota to lead community leader roundtable discussions on the importance of the local government aid (LGA) program. The “Thank LGA” advocacy program—developed by Flaherty & Hood staff– is a partnership between the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities, the cities of Duluth, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, and AFSCME Council 5 to educate lawmakers and the public on why LGA is necessary for cities’ economic viability. St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Duluth Mayor Don Ness have been traveling with Flaherty & Hood staff to Greater Minnesota communities for these conversations, showing that LGA is important to cities throughout the state. These events have generated great press coverage, both print and television, and increased support for the LGA program.

To date, community leader roundtable discussions have been held in the following communities: Worthington, Duluth, Virginia, Austin, and North Mankato. Additional events are being planned for other Greater Minnesota cities.